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Regional Growth Strategy Review
Electoral Area 'A' Offical Community Plan Reviews

RDNThe RDN is currently reviewing the Regional Growth Strategy Review (RGS) and the Electoral Area 'A' Official Community Plan (OCP). SWACA has formally applied to the RDN to be included as a stakeholder in the RGS and OCP reviews. Learn more about SWACA's involement in the review process;

Area 'A' Official Community Plan Review

Regional Growth Strategy Review

Malspina University College - Geography 346 Project

The Malaspina University College Geography 346 Urban Growth Management class under the leadership of Don Alexander partnered with SWACA in a participatory case study to examine the development and sustainability issues facing the South Wellington and area.

November 20th, 2007
Students from Malaspina will present to the community on different aspects of it's growth and potential. A very informative meeting, 7:30pm at the South Wellington Community centre.

South Wellington Urban Growth Management Project Report

South Wellington & the Future of Rural Community - Power Point Presentation