South Wellington and Area Commuity Association (SWACA)
South Wellington Community Projects

On May 20th, 2008 the South Wellington & Area Community Association celebrated it's first anniversary. SWACA is now planning projects and activities for 2009. If you have suggestions, or would like to become involved please email us at

November, 2008

Thelma Griffiths Community Park in South Wellington received a major facelift over the spring- summer with the addition of new playground equipment, fresh landscaping, signage, fencing and a picnic table.

Community volunteers and RDN parks staff working together on everything from design to construction, have transformed a rough field with old remnant play structures into a vibrant playground and community space.

In addition to the community volunteers and RDN the following local businesses and organizations contributed time or materials to the redevelopment of Thelma Griffiths Community Park;

  • Granby Bobcat Services
  • Gregson Holdings/Copcan Contracting
  • Evans Turf Farm
  • Cinnabar Valley Farms Ltd
  • Van Isle Aggregates
  • Triple T Excavating
  • S.R. Jaswal & Family
  • H&T Power Technologies
  • Mid Island Fence
  • The South Wellington Volunteer Fire Department

For more information on this project, contact Wendy Marshall, RDN Manager of Park Services or Elaine McCulloch, RDN Parks Planner (

April 2008

After community consultation, plans to refurbish the park and to install new play equipment are going forward! Site preparation and construction is scheduled to begin in March 2008 and should be completed by April 2008. More information can be found here>>.


  Thelma Griffith Park Restoration Project - photo Krista Seggie   Thelma Griffith Park Restoration - photo Krista Seggie  
  Thelma Griffith Park - Before   Thelma Griffith Park - Before  
  Thelma Griffith Park - photo by Krista Seggie   Volunteer work party - photo by Krista Seggie  
  Thelma Griffith Park - Before   South Wellington Community Volunteer Work Party at Thelma Griffith Park  
  Thelma Griffith Park, South Wellington, BC   Thelma Griffith Community Park, South Wellington, BC  
  Thelma Griffith Park - Now!   Thelma Griffith Park - Now!